As a result of the audit and subsequent solutions, the average turnover or work efficiency of our clients has increased by 15-40%!
We have recruited and trained over 100 sales specialists and dozens of sales talent and managers.
Has helped build a business software startup by increasing the company's sales from 50,000 to 1 million in two years.


Recruitment starts with the question: What do I really need? What kind of sales job is it? What inherent talents, skills are needed in this job? Long sales cycle or short? Direct Sales? B2B / B2C? Advisory sales or flattering sales? Conceptual sales, or creating a need, or having a good customer relationship and explaining skills in sales? Does the employee have to act alone, ie have strong internal control or work as a team with constant feedback, a specific structure and daily support from the manager (external control)? Do I need to sell to a CEO or a switch? Are there one or more counterparties in the sales process?

Have you ever experienced a situation where everything was flipping when choosing a new employee? Previous experience in sales, and even brilliant results to show, plus the necessary background knowledge and interview itself was just great. Enthusiastic, knew all the right answers and as a whole everything seemed right. And then, after hiring, do whatever you want, but in your field and in your business, these good results won’t come. Why?

For some reason, in the Estonian recruitment market, and especially in recruiting salesmen, there is a widespread misconception of what makes a person a good salesperson in your field and in your business. No, this is not a prior experience. No, it’s not necessarily about having great results in America when selling books, providing financial services in malls, or jacket-locking phone deals. This is not necessarily the case with age or education.


Why us?

Dominate Sales has been successfully finding good sales people for its customers for over 2 years now. In the process, we have also broken those same myths above, making great sales for people who have no previous experience, knowledge or outstanding results.

The key to our success is that we ourselves are sales people and have worked as sales team leaders in companies with high turnover and 24/7 recruitment. Through this, we have been able to read and learn all sorts of strategies for finding the right person and put their effectiveness into practice!

We know what makes a person a good employee, especially a sales person, and therefore we can identify and screen the right profile based on the customer.

Our Recruitment Principles

  • Ad just isn’t enough. Finding a good person also has to be sought for those who do not yet know they need change or a new, brighter opportunity.
  • Have a good first impression and have a good chat! For each client, we create these job-specific challenges as mandatory tasks that differentiate the blades from the marmots and truly
  • test the ability and aptitude of the individual.
  • We do not do any mass work, but we build the recruitment process on the client.
  • By the time the final decision is made, the candidate has attended a trial day with the client, where we have tested his / her sales ability and personality in the company.
  • If, at the end of the probationary period, the company sees that the person is still unsuitable for them and stops cooperating, we look for a new one.

    Price: 1.5 times gross salary, not less than 1 700 €. Prices do not include VAT.

Toomas Mõttus
Toomas Mõttus CEO of Primend OÜ

Dominate Sales offers a specific full-service search for active sales personnel. Primend provided a service from DS that included search engine development, job interviews, skills and attitude testing, and mentoring during the probationary / induction period. As a result, we achieved very good results in meeting active sales metrics: effective first customer calls and number of customer meetings. In essence, the new ones were able to show results from day one. Sales people are getting more when the old fish can’t do it anymore; When setting quantitative metrics, it is worth keeping in mind that older fish still need to make even more effort and support during the introduction period. In order to avoid conflicts, the issue of motivation and persistent setbacks in old fish needs to be considered.

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