As a result of the audit and subsequent solutions, the average turnover or work efficiency of our clients has increased by 15-40%!
We have recruited and trained over 100 sales specialists and dozens of sales talent and managers.
Has helped build a business software startup by increasing the company's sales from 50,000 to 1 million in two years.



Here is a list of services that have started with audits to show you how to act in different cases. We always approach our clients with their specifics in mind and try to find the shortest path to the desired results. However, many problems with sales teams are recurring, and we can transfer our experience and lessons from one project to another.

Marek KaseMember of the Management Board of Stora Enso Eesti AS

The original purpose was to observe and analyze the quality of purchase management and customer interaction through the eyes of a bystander. However, we received a dozen pages of in-depth reports not only on purchasing but also on the team and their daily work environment. It is crucial that the focus in action, in development, is in the right place. The Dominate Sales audit broadened the picture, contributed significantly to our goals, and today we are working to increase transparency and team collaboration

Erika Truuverk Äripäev
Erika TruuverkÄripäev, Head of Sales & Service

Thanks again for the magazine sales group audit and feedback. Your summary is very impressive – a systematic overview of the overall development potential and a detailed description of the development sites by vendor. Great tool for me and the sales manager.

risto laar be group
Risto LaarBE Group Sales Manager

The boys of Dominate Sales were as honest as they promised and the cooperation with them was excellent. What was particularly enjoyable was that the consultants were able to break into the hearts of the greatest skeptics and make them talk about things honestly and without pretense.

I definitely recommend using Dominate Sales to other companies as well, because at least our company got all that and more that we expected. I hope that young people do not lose their spirit and power, and that they make another great and exciting discovery.

Diana Karmo Tamrex
Diana KarmoTamrex Safety OÜ

I chose the test shopping service provided because I liked in-depth description of the situation and the very well-chosen, helpful words on how to do better in the future. The criticism expressed was subtly crafted! Few can do that. We received some very good training material to show what to pay more attention to and in which we are already very good.

Sven ersling Lincona
Sven ErslingLincona Konsult AS, Member of the Board
Sales Audit is a good tool for a company manager to gain a comprehensive overview of the current level of service quality, both by department and by department. In addition to an in-depth analysis of sales situations, valuable insights into the system as a whole were highlighted, and I got the push to make changes that had not yet made sense.
teet raudsep
Teet RaudsepMainor Ülemiste AS
Fact-based analysis where I got the answers to my questions. As a result of the preliminary analysis, the team gained a new breath and a third perspective. Other times, it is external feedback, the so-called fly on the wall, that works much better to trigger development.
Andres Reimand
Andres Reimand sales manager for a pharmaceutical company

We called on Dominate Sales to help adjust our sales organization’s course – to give extra depth and power to the principle that everyone plays an important role in the sales chain, no matter how far away they are from this “real” sales situation on a daily basis. Looks abstract? Call upon the gentlemen, they are capable of simplifying the multifaceted starting task, even to an effective half-day spiritual spin with tangible results.

Piia Sander
Piia Sander Äripäev, Head of Magazine Sales

The auditors were so well and simply contacted with the staff that even the busiest were followed up. The motivation of the employees increased from the mere knowledge that they are contributing to their development and wanting to be helped. Already that day the results were better

Kristjan Kiil varustaja
Kristjan Kiil First Step OÜ, Sales Manager for Bosch Tools & Construction Supplies

The analyzes and consultations of Dominate Sales are really practical and based on the specifics of our company. From here, I have come up with valuable ideas and solutions to solve all kinds of problems that can occur in a sales manager’s day-to-day work – from recruiting and team motivation to sales situations and dealing with complex clients.

Pro beaute
Uko Paabumets CEO of Pro Beaute OÜ

The service Pipedrive provided by Dominate Sales was of great help to us. Thanks to them, we found that managing sales in Excel, Erply and beyond is not effective. Before the introduction of Pipedrive, there was little confusion in the day-to-day operations of sales people and it was difficult to monitor their work. Thanks to Dominate Sales training and detailed analysis before that, Pipedrive began to greatly assist our sales. Today I can comfortably follow what our sales managers are doing in Latvia and Lithuania.

Indrek Nõlvak
Indrek Nõlvak Member of the Executive Board of KAFO

KAFO has introduced PipeDrive for sales management many years ago. But it was not until the end of last year and early this year that we got the right momentum. This is thanks to the involvement of professional sales management experts from DominateSales, who helped re-launch the KAFO PipeDrive environment. With the help of professionals, we redesigned the entire process and all sales lines so that they began to strongly support sales and were no longer just an administrative tool. The results have not made you wait.

Risto Kärner Kodupaber
Risto Kärner Kodupaber AS, Sales Manager

The employees of Dominate Sales OÜ were able to understand the specifics of the company in a short period of time, and during the analysis they found the most important places that the company and the employee would benefit most from changing. The criticism provided was appropriate and the advice given was useful for future cooperation in the form of training.

Piia Sander
Piia Sander Äripäev, Head of Magazine Sales

One of the best sales training I’ve ever come across. Sincerity and integrity. The examples are contemporary, which means they speak to my current situation. I would comment that there are quite a few sales trainers whose practical examples are even twenty years old. The preliminary analysis liked how the most skeptical salesmen were contacted. The training liked that the DS trainer did not consciously let the energy, the attention, dissipate. And once again practical examples!

Ave Eero
Ave EeroNLP Treener/ coach, psühholoog Eesti NLP Instituut

Silver on hoogne, entusiastlik, kiire taibuga, kaasahaarava sõnakasutusega ja lahendustele suunatud koolitaja. Ta teab, mida teeb ja teeb, mida teab. Müügi ja motivatsiooni on teemad on Silveri jaoks sügavalt läbi tunnnetatud ja praktikas järele proovitud. Oma koolitustel oskab Silver eluliste näidete ja toimivate mudelite abil siduda käsitletavad teemad hõlpsasti rakendatavaks tervikuks. Praktilised oskused, hea tuju ja kõvasti kasvanud motivatsioonimuskel on Silveri koolitustel osalejatele garanteeritud.

Karl Trepp
Karl TreppPrimend AS sales consultant

A sales script is good for beginners who are just starting from scratch. With the right openings, counter-arguments and so-called end-close, you feel invincible. What Dominate Sales and Silver personally teach well is tonality. Without proper toning training, sales scripts are simple sentences on white paper.

Mattias Nõlvak
Mattias NõlvakInforegister, large client manager

Sales scripts are useful to me in my daily work even after years of use. While promoting products, services, and arguing for values ​​is all about, there is often a lot of content to rely on. The script always helps to keep both new and existing employees in focus.

Toomas Mõttus
Toomas Mõttus CEO of Primend OÜ

Dominate Sales offers a specific full-service search for active sales personnel. Primend provided a service from DS that included search engine development, job interviews, skills and attitude testing, and mentoring during the probationary / induction period. As a result, we achieved very good results in meeting active sales metrics: effective first customer calls and number of customer meetings. In essence, the new ones were able to show results from day one. Sales people are getting more when the old fish can’t do it anymore; When setting quantitative metrics, it is worth keeping in mind that older fish still need to make even more effort and support during the introduction period. In order to avoid conflicts, the issue of motivation and persistent setbacks in old fish needs to be considered.

Ruukki Products ASÄrivaldkonna müügitiimi väljavõtted koolituselt

“I liked how much information was stored in this short time. The principles of price protection were good and a general reminder of the systematic nature of the sales process. ”

“..The training was fresh, interesting and active. I learned that sometimes the focus should be shifted from engineering arguments to softer values. ”

“As a result of the training, I will be better at mapping people, planning my sales process, and protecting price.”

Kristiina SeppCEO of JCDecaux

JCDecaux has been working with Dominate Sales for the past year. Initially, Silver helped fulfill the role of retired sales manager, and later trained our sales team on active sales and negotiation.

JCDecaux project managers were very pleased with the training: Silver’s ability to convey information through humor and colorful stories contributed to memorizing practical information.

From the practical tricks, most people remembered a number of easy ways to make additional sales and ask for a quote. I appreciate the systemic nature of Dominate Sales – for example, suggestions on how to help salespeople structure their day effectively.

Unlike many other jobs, sales tasks do not come “on the table” and require salespeople to self-manage. The sales manager can do a lot here by setting specific and clear tasks. I recommend the Dominate Sales team to other companies who want new ideas for sale.

Stella-Kaisa Kanemägi
Stella-Kaisa Kanemägi Information asset sales manager, Äripäev

The training was very practical, a completely different level from previous sales training. The trainer took a moment to think in great detail about how our team could best sell their product. I admire the thoroughness of the DS in conducting the training, especially in terms of the needs of the people in the training.

Our team needed most of the old beliefs to be broken, and we were engaged in training until they were broken. In addition, we got a lot of practical and immediate techniques. As a result of the training we have a very good fishing line, which we will start catching fish ourselves. All of this requires the continuity of the people themselves and the will to do this job successfully. Today, we can see that those who use these techniques can achieve great results.

We still have a long way to go to apply everything we have learned. This means that follow-up meetings with the trainer are very important. To know but not to do is not to know. We have to constantly get out of the comfort zone in order to be successful in our work.

Geosoft Hugo Toll
Hugo TollGeosoft OÜ

We liked the relevance of the trainings, he really talked about sales! No bullshit- right to the point! I liked the very systematic approach to the process: how all the steps have been disassembled, described and illustrated with fierce examples, with cool energy and humor.

Dominate Sales is great at keeping focus and team thinking, and more importantly, doing exciting practical tasks. We rebutted the myths of sales and found a whole new perspective on the whole process.

The benefits were noticeable immediately. The attitude, preparation and confidence of the team changed. Work didn’t seem like work anymore and just having fun with friends. That was the kind of enthusiasm we needed. For me, as a manager, this solved the problem that how someone interacts with a client, now we all had a common understanding of the process and the means to reach them, a common language, a better understanding of each other.

Dominate Sales training stands out because of its strong commitment to purpose and motivation. They want the best for their customers and do their best. They care!

Tarmo Jõemägi
Tarmo JõemägiVäderstad OÜ

We liked that before the so-called active sales season, we were able to refine our sales technique and now feel more confident in different situations. I liked the different techniques of closing and psychology – how to recognize different types of people and how to approach them. You helped solve the problem of  responding to clients specific to our sector (postponing decision making). The first time we had this training was that the trainer came to our office and did the training for us. Exactly what we thought we needed.

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