As a result of the audit and subsequent solutions, the average turnover or work efficiency of our clients has increased by 15-40%!
We have recruited and trained over 100 sales specialists and dozens of sales talent and managers.
Has helped build a business software startup by increasing the company's sales from 50,000 to 1 million in two years.

Sales outsourcing and entry into export markets

How to enter export markets and what is the true outsourcing of sales? It is amazing how so many companies underestimate the importance of a good sales system to the success of a business. There is a lot of emphasis on manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, product / service development, marketing – but unless you have a team that successfully monetizes your queries or leads you to new customers and new opportunities, all of this is unprofitable.

The No. 1 reason why businesses don’t survive is mostly because they don’t focus enough on sales, or simply don’t know how to build the right profitable sales system that actually works in their daily work!

This service is for you if one of the following applies to you:

– You are a start-up or an existing entrepreneur who has come up with a new product and does not want to bother with the magic and pain of sales.
– You have so far unsuccessfully tried to start a sales team or make a product / service profitable.
– Want to go or have been trying to reach foreign markets so far to grow your business.


Selling and selling is not easy! It is a constantly changing and evolving field and to be at the top, you need to be disciplined, to be up-to-date on a day-to-day basis, and to understand people in depth and have a positive influence on them. Thick skin and hearing constant no’s add here.

Trust the professionals

Selling is not for everyone and sometimes it is wiser to specialize and leave this half for fanatics and professionals in your area. Dominate Sales has helped significantly increase the sales of its customers through various services. We have also done short-term projects where we have taken over the sales work and the results have not been expected. The world is increasingly specialized, and let every man stick to his slats. Outsource outsourcing, save yourself too much headaches, pay for results, and see for yourself which one is more profitable in the long run.

Send inquiry and let’s talk more! If you do not want to outsource the service in full, ask us for a consultation and find a suitable solution: for example, selling only certain products to certain customers, or doing one specific selling point (eg getting appointments or screening cold customers).

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