As a result of the audit and subsequent solutions, the average turnover or work efficiency of our clients has increased by 15-40%!
We have recruited and trained over 100 sales specialists and dozens of sales talent and managers.
Has helped build a business software startup by increasing the company's sales from 50,000 to 1 million in two years.

A sales mistake, that is downright embarrassing

A follow-up email will be sent and then a response will be awaited. Sleeve to demand. Why is it important to try to lock in the deal on the spot, or at least set the next step? And why is it such a big sales mistake?



Global Sales Survey: What do your customers value most during the buying process?

– Feeling valuable

– Feel the sincere desire to help him and find the best solution to his problem.

– The whole buying process is fast, easy and smooth.

When I ask for an order right away, is it not pressuring?

Customers, even if they claim the other way around, do not like to make things longer and more complicated than necessary. They do this when they have some fear or a restrictive belief in buying or they are not yet convinced of the benefits you offer.

And who else should help him clarify this, or at least take away unnecessary fears. That’s your job! And when to do it again, if not now, when he just has everything in mind, he’s in the topic and you can discuss it with him right away live.

People will forget 90% of your hourly presentation within 24 hours. A scientific fact. By the time you finish your presentation and do your job well, the purchase temperature is high. Everything you need to actually move on.

Do it and ask for an order or set up the next step and you will be surprised how much faster the whole process will go? I’m not saying that everyone is going to buy right away. In all likelihood, here comes “No”, “I have to think”, “I have to discuss”, “Send an offer and we will discuss in a few weeks”.

That’s where real sales start

Now you get input from your client where they got confused. Also, you can show him why you are chosen when it comes to trust. Manage fears through examples that the customer should not worry about potentially emerging situations. When you close and do it repeatedly, solving different concerns and asking for a new order, you always take a step closer.

And you do it with the client, because they also get answers to different questions as the dialogue develops. Questions that he would have had to deal with himself anyway. Is the client an expert in the field? Does he know of any other customers who have bought? How are they doing? How can his fears be in vain? Why Buy From You? Don’t know!

Take care of the customer, dare to ask for an order

Worst of all, if a decision is still not made, you have helped to get it closer and saved a lot of time for the customer! In addition, you will remember him and your examples of different cases when, for example, he chooses a cheaper but poorer service partner.

One case is enough and he will remember how you warned him about it and the next time he comes to you. We can’t get all our customers into transactions, but we can help them make an informed decision based on all the information.

A decision, even a negative one, is always better than delaying the process

In other words, if he goes to a competitor or does not buy, but is aware of all the risks and opportunities, then we have done our job. That’s what sales is all about: helping the customer make the best decision for them by spending the least of their resources (time, money). The decision is YES or NO- not “I have to think”.


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